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Njörd Running

Njörd began as a Houston run club open to runners of all experience levels. Their mission is to foster an inclusive yet competitive environment for runners to connect with other athletes and support local underserved communities through volunteering and fundraising. The developed identity is extracted from the anatomy of the word itself, Njörd - a figure in Nordic mythology sworn to protect and rescue seafarers in distress. Hidden within the mark lies an ellipsis - signifying the brand’s theme of continuity through paying it forward. Njörd's performance apparel collection is inspired by our earliest memory of sport. A class of psychomotor learning and an introspective study of our raw athleticism. Physical Education introduced us to the value of movement and instilled in us the concept of competition, unity, and responsibility. The generic uniforms of our youth served a singular purpose: Unrestricted access to all forms of activity. Kit 01 dons a new narrative reminiscent of its essential functions. 

Photography by Dagny Piasecki 

Talent by Taylor Jarrett

Brand Identity / Apparel Design / Creative Direction / Campaign

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