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At Pensole Footwear Design Academy, my team and I collaborated with Hua Feng Textile Group to develop a cohesive and sustainable product system that encompassed the survival needs of the homeless: shelter, storage, security, and transportation. After in-depth field research directly with Portland's homeless population, our team developed a wearable system.


Key insights: Bulky footwear traps heat and accelerates infection, improper sizing causes blistering, and donation inventory lacks accessibility to socks.

Solution: Develop a breathing shoe that is adjustable for all inclusive sizing while preserving the benefits of a sock.


A dual strap jika tabi was developed to offer maximum protection, breathability, and flexible sizing. The shoe features gill-inspired vents for air circulation, a split tongue for swollen foot accessibility, and a three-part outsole that provides flex in both length and width. 


Skylar Storkamp: Wearable Shelter

Holden Plack: Convertible Boot

Jeremy Hsu: Jika Tabi, Sleeping Pad x Backpack Hybrid

Product Design

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